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Metadata Management Tool

Metadata Management Tool consistently maintains data creation, flow and change based upon data stndardization.Metadata is the information related to the definition of data.
It automatically collects metadata about standardization, data model, database, program and data flow, saves them in metadata repository.
Through the metadata repository, guide infrmation about information systems can be consistently provided to IT developers, IT managers and business users.All the developments are systematically managed according to standards. Through which system development and change can be performed smothly and timely through the impact analysis according to the object change of information systems.



+ Data quality and productivty imrovement through stanadardization.

+ Bi-directional impact analysis.

+ Data quality management support.

+ Enterprise wide integrated metadata management

+ Portal based, convenient user interface

+ Data management process support

Key Functions

* Dictionary management

* Model information management

* Database information management

* Business Intelligence

* Data management process

* Impact Analysis

Workflow for WISE Meta

wise meta

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