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About Us

Your One Stop High Quality Software Solution Provider

Epsoft is a technology company specializing in the best Korea Solutions. We are proud to present the leading products in security, monitoring, database, O2O and more.

Finance companies, large corporations, Telco and government sectors can use our products to increase their productivity, increase security and lower their cost.

Our products are currently used by most of the Korean Government, Korean Telco companies and major banks. Beside Korea some of the Malaysian Government sector as well as Telco in Thailand are using our products.

Epsoft vision is to expand our reach in the South East Asia Region to help cooperation in securing their needs.

Epsoft prides itself on our Technology, our people and our service.



Our professional team is ready to fulfil all your business needs in order to achieve our ultimate goal that is customer satisfaction.

We don't comprmise on quality and invest in good products.

We understand the importance of investing in innovative and new technologies. As such, we have state of the art technology to help you in your everyday business.

Our Location


Head Quarters Established in 2004

Operational Office

Hanoi, Vietnam

Operational Office

Jakarta, Indonesia

Operational Office

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