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The Asian Fonts printing solution

EPSoft offers an effective solution for you to enhance the capability of your HP LaserJets to print Asianfonts- without the need for noisy, outdated dot-matrix printers. The AsianFonts printing solution enables 2-byte printing path on non-Windows environments, improving your printing performance and minimising network traffic since less data is downloaded to the printer. It can be installed via printer model, compact flash card or USB based on the card. The solution consists of 2-byte language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai). Install the 2-byte language card (Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai)in the slot of the HP LaserJet. 2-byte printing is supported with the printer resident fonts in the respective card you have inserted in your printer.


+ Easy installation and maintenance

+ Faster printing speeds

+ Save cost of purchasing dedicated printers and maintenance

+ More versatile printing

Key Features

Enables printing of Asian fonts (2-byte font) on non-Windows operating systems (e.g. UNIX, IBM and DOS) Supports following TrueType and Postscript for Asian fonts


* Traditional Chinese Font

* Hong Kong Font

* Japanese Font

* Korean Font

* Simplified Chinese Font

* Thai Font

Workflow for Asian Fonts


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