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What is SILCROAD CDC solution?
SILCROAD Change Data Capture is a popular high performance yet low cost CDC solution. It ensures excellent data consistency and offers high availability to users without slowing down the system. Its superb real-time data replication capability helps overcome data integration problems in a high volume transactional environment and enables businesses to make data-driven decisions promptly.



+ Automatically reflect changes without interruptions

+ Easy verification and recovery from users' errors

+ Zero downtime migration and data synchronization

+ Auto process recovery

+ Contribute to timely reporting and improved business intelligence

+ More than 50% savings over 5 years TCO

Key Features

* Direct Redo-log access-based technology

* 10x faster than LogMiner, triggers and others

* Real-time data replication

* Excellent inter-database consistency

* Cloud-ready technology

* Lower licensing and maintenance cost compared with other log-based CDC solutions

Workflow of CDC

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