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SCLAB Studio

SCLAB Studio introduces the "Convergence Data Visualization Platform," a user-friendly solution revolutionizing data interpretation

Built on accessibility, it enables real-time visualization without coding. Integration with leading data visualization services allows effortless creation of stunning visuals. Through AI-powered features, users engage in natural language conversations to generate AI-driven visualizations, saving time and costs. This seamless integration streamlines data visualization, maximizing efficiency. Businesses can unlock data potential, gaining insights for informed decisions in real-time. SCLAB's platform monitors performance indicators, analyzes market trends, and tracks customer behavior, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence. By democratizing data visualization and leveraging AI, SCLAB Studio empowers organizations to thrive in the data-driven landscape, fostering innovation and sustainable growth.



+ No-code data visualization: Easy data visualization with drag-and-drop method

+ Various data connections: Able to connect to various data sources such as API, DB, CSV, etc.

+ Real-time data visualization: Real-time data update and visualization

Dashboard production: Create a customized dashboard using various widgets

Key Features

* Easy to use

* Support various data / integration - RDBMS, IoT, API, GIS

* No-code based Design using Drag & Drop

Replicate data based on changed log in real time


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