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The first security audit solution

What is a security audit solution?
100% of internal security accident occurring frequently in numerous enterprises occurs by authorized users.
Especially the big damage is being given to the enterprise owing to the occurrence of direct leakage of data by the manager, the persons concerned of outsourcing, the maintenance workers, etc., capable of accessing directlyto the server (Windows, UNIX and LINUX) or the network equipment with Shell. The enterprise where the leakage of data occurs gets the big loss in the sales as the data is fallen into the competitors; the loss of corresponding enterprise's image is brought about. The security audit saves all works contents of certified users accessing the server or network equipment directly with Shell as 100 % encoded log to solve this point in dispute, in case of Windows, it is to prevent the reoccurrence by finding the cause with the quick recovery by tracking the saved log and the rapid tracking of log when the barrier occurs by recording as the video log and it is the essential solution surely to all enterprises minimizing the loss by tracking the leakage path of data when the security accident occurs.
GATEONE is the solution performing the real time log saving, the monitoring, the audit chase, the access control, the authorization control, the command control and the session control, etc ., simultaneously by maximizing the convenience of users and managers.



+ Command control (blocking of the command of prohibition and command execution by the mistake of users)

+ The access control, the blocking of protocol users such as telnet, ftp, ssh, sftp, RDP and the permission of approved works only.

+ All logs of users are saved (command, violation of policy, etc,)

+ All actions itself of Windows remote access are saved as the video.

+ Real time monitoring (the operation of all real times monitoring for simultaneous connectors)

+ The support for works in bulk through the script

The Necessity

GATEONE equipped with the consulting for the security audit solution, the construction experience, the tracking system of audit log and the monitoring management know-how is presenting the necessity of security products.

Workflow for Gate One Z

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