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Xlog CDC

Xlog CDC, an innovative data replication technology, revolutionizes real-time data synchronization by capturing changes directly from database transaction logs.

Unlike traditional methods, Xlog CDC operates seamlessly across diverse database platforms, offering unparalleled flexibility and compatibility. Its efficient log-based approach minimizes performance overhead and ensures near-instantaneous data replication without impacting production systems. With Xlog CDC, organizations can achieve enhanced data integrity, reduced latency, and improved decision-making capabilities in dynamic operational environments. By harnessing the power of Xlog CDC, businesses can stay agile, responsive, and competitive in today's data-driven landscape.



+ Keep Data Consistency.

+ Provide Real-Time Synchronization Performance

+ No impact on current database systems

+ No Operational System Downtime

+ Optimize costs of data integration

Key Features

* Real-time data integration: Provide Real time data integration through direct log access with any impact on the DBMS system

* Expanding Big Data Platform: Process high volume size of data using compressed model on big data platform

* Cloud Integration: Integrate or migration data on-prem to Cloud platform

* Save TCO: Save more than 50% compare with global solutions through built-in functions and optimzation



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